The Functions of Leak Proof Breast Pads
 Oct 28, 2020|View:400

An leak proof breast pads is a kind of intimate product for breastfeeding mothers. I believe most mothers have used it. What is the function of an anti overflow pad? Let's learn about it!

What is the function of an anti overflow pad?

The leak proof breast pads has efficient water locking factor, can quickly absorb the spilled milk, adhere to dry clothes and underwear, maintain the cleanness of nipples; unique arc shape, good care of the breast. The back glue can make the leak proof breast pads close to the bra, and it will not shift due to the action, which makes it feel warm. Humanized design, large capacity absorption design, more hygienic use, make you more warm and convenient.

The anti overflow pad is an essential product for the control of lactation during lactation. It uses super absorbent polymer material inside, which can absorb excessive breast milk and fix the spilled milk in the interior. The outer side is a breathable waterproof layer, which can keep the bra dry.

The soft and dry lining of the anti overflow pad keeps the skin dry. Super absorbent core polymer can absorb excessive breast milk and fix the overflow inside. The breathable waterproof layer provides strong protection to keep clothes dry and cool for a long time. Three-dimensional wrinkles form a natural contour, which can take good care of the breast and keep warm. Ultra-soft edge for extra comfort. Special processing of the lining cotton layer, soft and more comfortable. Double fixation, prevent displacement; single package, easy to carry, non-woven fabric easy to tear package design, easy to use, clean and hygienic.

During breastfeeding, the breastfeeding pad is designed to prevent breast-feeding from leaking.

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