What is Hospital Medical Disposable Pads
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What is hospital medical disposable pads:

The hospital medical disposable pads is a disposable sanitary product made of PE film, non-woven fabric, (fluff pulp, polymer), and other materials.

It is mainly used for hospital operation, gynecological examination, maternal care, child care, paralytic patients with urinary incontinence, women in the menstrual periods. In the process of Urology and obstetrics and gynecology surgery, blood, body fluid, and flushing fluid often pollute the patient's body. The skin of patients is in a humid environment for a long time, which increases the chance of discomfort and infection.

At present, a common cotton sheet or simple non-woven pad sheet is widely used in the clinic. The disadvantage of cotton cloth is limited water absorption and blood absorption, which is easy to pollute the operating bed. Moreover, repeated use increases the workload of nurses and there is a risk of infection. Although the non-woven mat sheet sold on the market can be used for one time, it has less water absorption and poor air permeability, which can not avoid the skin moisture of patients.

Disposable medical care pad is an essential medical supply in the hospital, the price is not expensive, but the role is great, clean and sanitary, not afraid of virus infection, practical in the hospital is very strong, such as maternal use before and after childbirth, incontinence and mobility of the crowd nursing use, surgery and medical examination use, to prevent cross-infection.

Features of hospital medical disposable pads:

1. It can effectively prevent virus infection, skin allergy, and other symptoms

2. Clean and sanitary, can effectively absorb odor

3. The method is simple and convenient

4. Disinfection products

Hospital Medical Disposable Pads

The surface layer of the disposable medical care pad is made of breathable and water-absorbing soft spinning cloth, which can keep comfortable and dry at all times. Imported wood pulp and high molecular absorption resin are used, and PE tape casting waterproof membrane is used as a leak-proof layer.

The disposable medical nursing pad is easy to use. The nursing pad can be spread out on the bed and can be directly contacted with the skin. Note: please throw it away directly after use and replace it with a new nursing pad in time.

According to the different use of the nursing pad, the name is also different.

(1) The nursing pad used for infants and young children is called diaphragms.

(2) The nursing pad used for maternal care is called a puerperal cushion and maternal cushion.

(3) The care pad used by women during menstruation is called menstrual Mini mattress.

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