How to Use Hospital Medical Disposable Pads​?
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After the birth of the baby, the mother's immunity will become very weak. At this time, a large number of bloody substances will be discharged from the vagina. Therefore, scientific methods should be used to take care of the body in time to avoid cross-transmission of the virus.

Hospital Medical Disposable Pads

How to use hospital medical disposable pads?

1. You can choose to lay the hospital medical disposable pads directly on the bed so that even if the amount of lochia discharged from the maternal body is large, there will be no side leakage phenomenon, and there is no need to be afraid to dirty the sheets. The nursing pad can be placed under the women's buttocks to absorb the body's excreta. In the process of lying down, the nursing pad should be laid on the bed in advance. In most cases, the nursing pad needs to be used from birth to the whole month.

2. In this period, the hospital medical disposable pads used in this period is the large sanitary napkin of the lying-in woman. It needs timely bedding to prevent the surrounding articles from getting dirty. When choosing the nursing shop, you should also pay attention to it, because now there are many materials, such as pure cotton and mesh, so you can choose the brand reasonably according to your personal situation.

3. There are also some special people who will be allergic to the hospital medical disposable pads. At this time, you can choose pure cotton. At the same time, during the period of confinement, you should also pay attention to the reasonable replacement and cleaning of underwear close to your body. Take a special pot with high-temperature fumigation, and then put it in the sun for a long time to prevent the above from being contaminated with bacteria and viruses.

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