Leak proof breast pads in use reflects the advantages
 Jan 07, 2020|View:18

The use of leak proof breast pads is now very common, and colleagues who have appeared to solve the problems of mothers have also made efforts for the health of the baby.

Leak proof breast pads

Leak-proof chest pads are completely sensation-free during use, and will not cause physical burden on pregnant women who are more productive. The composition of the chest pad is very simple. Only the soft fluff pulp is used in the part that touches the skin. The materials with strong water absorption and water retention ability when it is below are made of safe and pollution-free materials first. So that mothers can use it with greater confidence.

The weight of the chest pad is very small. In the case of using it too long, because the area of the pad is small, the amount of water-absorbing material that can be placed in the pad is not very large, and it is only suitable for short-term use. Replacement, which can not only ensure the use of the cushion, but also increase the hygiene of the chest.

When using it, you can stick it directly on the clothes without worrying about falling off. There is adhesive on the back of the pad to ensure that it will not fall off. When in use, the pad can also be directly glued to the underwear. There are two openings on the pad that can be used with various chest types. After the mat is torn off, no adhesive will remain on the clothes, which will not affect the normal wearing of the clothes in the later period.

Leak proof breast pads also have many characteristics in use, and its appearance can bring a lot of convenience to mothers' lives. Users who want to order this product can contact us and look forward to your visit.

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