Application of disposable nursing pads
 Dec 18, 2019|View:17

Disposable nursing pad  is a kind of sanitary products with strong water lock. This pad can directly contact the skin, and has passed the inspection of national health and safety standards when it leaves the factory. Because of these characteristics it can be applied in many places.

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The mat is most commonly used in hospitals and it is also considered a consumable item. It is mainly used in hospitals for patients with paralysis or incontinence, and they do not have the ability to control autonomously. When they use the mat, the caregiver or the accompanying family member can reduce the cleaning time. The water-locking factor inside the mat can quickly absorb the moisture, ensuring the mat is dry and bringing comfort to the patient.

The mat can also be used by infants and young children. For children who have just gotten rid of urine, the phenomenon of bedwetting is often seen at night, and it is very heavy to get up to clean the sheets and other items every morning. The use of disposable nursing pads for children at this stage can reduce the cleaning of the sheets. The surface of the mat is made of soft fluff pulp, which can directly contact the baby's skin. If you are not assured of the quality of the product, you can place a spacer between the mat and the baby to avoid direct contact.

The disposable nursing pads can also be used as a menstrual pad for women, preventing the embarrassment of soiling the sheets.

The mat can be discarded directly after use without cleaning. Having a nursing pad at home can handle many emergencies. Users who want to buy a nursing pad can contact us. We also have other types of hygiene products, welcome to purchase.

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