3D Nursing Breast Pad use precautions
 Nov 22, 2019|View:26

Just after the production of the mother will cause a large area of water stains in front of the clothes produced by the problem of milk, the mothers also feel uncomfortable in the later cleaning is also difficult to clean. In the face of this situation, the average family will choose to buy a 3D Nursing Breast Pad for the mother, which can keep the clothes dry and easy to handle. So, do you know what to pay attention to when using it?

3D Nursing Breast Pad

First of all, when choosing the fabric, the material of the mat must be selected. The fabric is soft and does not appear after the crepe. After the water absorption test, it can quickly absorb the moisture on the mat, and then the mat is applied. The detection of gas permeability does not seem to be necessary. It will not affect the use in winter, but it will be troublesome in summer.

After that, it is necessary to control the time of use of the mat, and the use time is about 2-3 hours, which can fully utilize the mat and ensure the user's hygiene. When the mat is used to breastfeed the baby, the parts to be used should be cleaned, which can make the baby's baby feel relieved and make the mother more refreshing.

The electronic type can be used to directly attach the mat to the clothes, and can be placed in the underwear in the later stage. When the mat that is stuck to the clothes is cleaned, it can be replaced only by tearing it off, and it will not leave any residue or damage to the clothes. Friends who need to order 3D breastfeeding padsare welcome to stay in the contact information. We will have professional staff to contact you and look forward to your visit.

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