Classification of super absorbent breast pads
 Nov 15, 2019|View:29

The chest pad is a must-have product for every mother who has just finished production, because when the child is born, the mother will enter the state of overflowing milk, and the clothes will often become uncomfortable and embarrassing. However, if the chest pad is used in the clothes, there will be a big change. There are many types of super absorbent breast pads that can be selected. Let's talk about it in detail.

super absorbent breast pads

They can be divided into different types depending on the material. Brushed cotton material, the material of this material has a very strong water absorption property, which effectively solves the problem for the user. The softness of the product is strong, and the water retention performance is high without leakage. However, if the use time is too long, there will be a situation in which the flocculation will occur, and if it is used in the summer, it will appear thicker.

Cotton, the material is better than the brushed cotton, the comfort is also improved, and there will be no flocculation in the process of use. super absorbent breast padsare also very thin and breathable and can be used all year round. Products made of materials such as non-woven fabrics, fluff pulp, etc. have no problems in water absorption properties and water retention properties, and are more breathable. No matter which material is recommended, it is recommended to replace it in 3-4 hours, which can improve comfort and health.

The product is characterized by strong water absorption performance and water-locking performance, and can be carried around, occupying a small volume and easy to use, and can be directly discarded after use. If you are interested in products such as super absorbent breast pads, you can leave your contact information or questions to ask, we will contact you and answer, welcome you.

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