Advantages of disposable underpads for adults
 Nov 08, 2019|View:18

The temperature in the summer is gradually rising, and although the fabric on the clothes has changed, the temperature cannot be changed. Such temperatures are a problem for those who are prone to sweating. In the hot summer months, they can only wear dark clothes just to prevent others from seeing the sweat on their clothes. In order to solve this kind of flaw, there is a generation of disposable underpads for adults.

Disposable Underpad (1).jpg

The method of using the underarm pad is simple, and it is only necessary to peel off the dustproof sticker and then stick it to the clothes, and then it can be used. This kind of product will not fall off easily because of the presence of glue in the process of use. When it is dead, it can be easily torn off without leaving traces.

The product is highly absorbent and has a certain degree of breathability to prevent prolonged contact with the skin. The surface of the mat is made of skin-friendly cotton, which does not cause adverse reactions when the skin is in contact. The overall surface of the mat is light and thin, and the mat clothes are linked at the corners to reduce the presence of the mat and enhance the user's feeling of use.

The mat can be applied to a variety of types of clothing, and it is also possible to stick to the cuff without the sleeves. It brings great benefits to people who are sweating, so they don't have to wear dark clothes in hot weather. We can get in touch with our underarm pads. Our products are light and easy to carry. It is your best choice. Come and order.

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