What is leak proof breast pads
 Nov 07, 2019|View:18

Just after the production of the mothers will often encounter because of the feeding, it will lead to milk stains on the clothes, when there are outsiders will be very embarrassing, but there is no way. In order to solve the troubles of the mothers, a leak-proof chest pad was specially introduced.

leak proof breast pads

The surface of the leak proof breast pads is made of non-woven fabric that does not have a strong discomfort when it comes into contact with the skin. The interior contains fluff pulp to make the product softer. There is no fluff in the process of use, the product has a strong water absorption performance, a chest pad can absorb 130 ml of water, but it is recommended to replace the chest pad for three to four hours to ensure health.

When the leak proof breast pads is used, the dust-free sticker is first torn off, and the product is attached to the clothes or the underwear, and the leakage prevention measures are strengthened at the edge of the cushion to ensure that no liquid leaks during use. At the bottom of the product is a breathable composite film that ensures breath ability during use.

In the process of using, the embarrassment when feeding the child is greatly reduced. It is designed to fit the chest, and each product is individually packaged to ensure the safety of the chest pad.

By introducing a simple understanding of the leak proof breast pads, it reduces the frequency of changing clothes for mothers and reduces the embarrassment of mothers when visiting relatives and friends. Friends who need to order leak-proof chest pads can leave contact information, we will have someone to do the docking, we look forward to your arrival.

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